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About me

I'm a User Experience Designer and Research based in Pittsburgh with a love of the user and a passion for simplicity.

My basic design philosophy boils down to this: at the end of the day, we are all just people trying to get things done so we can spend time on the things that matter to us.  My research allows me to understand how to help people get their work done, and my designs help make it a little easier.

In my 10+ years as a UX Designer and Researcher, I've worked in a variety of industries and in a myriad of different teams.  In each role, I make sure I learn something new, and I have grown from an individual contributor to a strategic thinker.  


Training is important to me - I am on my way to earning my Nielsen Norman Group UX Certification and I once got to breathe the same air as Jakob Neilsen himself - pre-pandemic, obviously!  I also like to pay it forward as a member of Steel City UX Ladies as the head of the Mentorship Match program.


Normally I'd make a bad pun about "building bridges with UX"...


On a personal note, I love hanging out with my dog Lana, a 120 pound Newfoundland. 


I'm also a big foodie and really into tart or spicy foods.  The spicier the better!

Kelly Kiernan, Software Engineer II

In her role as UX Designer, Esther continuously amazed me with her consistently-calm demeanor while under the pressure of multiple project deadlines. She is a solution-maker, even amid the most ambiguous of specs and circumstances. In User Experience, Esther's empathy for the customer and innovation shine through her designs. I wish I could work with her, or someone who shares her skills, talents, and ethics, in every project I take on in my career.

Lisa Mueller, Principal UX Manager

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Chris Ferreira, Software Development Engineer II

Esther is the full package when it comes to Design & User Experience. Throughout the years of working with her she will never cease to amaze you with her eye for detail and her ability to follow through. Her dedication and passion to her craft in my eyes is second to none. I have personally witnessed POC's/Projects that teeter on the successful/mediocrity line that ultimately became a success due in large part to Esther's input. Her ability to collaborate, design, organize & deliver makes her one of the best UX designers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

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