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Hi there

I'm Esther Estroff, User Experience (UX) Designer and Researcher, and I'm here to make your life easy.


Who am I?

As a User Experience Designer and Researcher, it's my job to make things easy to use.  With almost 15 years of experience as a UX professional, I have worked in a variety of industries and companies, including government contracting, Fortune 100 companies, and several startups.  Check out my resumé for full details.

I'm a certified Interaction Design and UX Management specialist with the Nielsen Norman group, and I volunteer my spare time with the Steel City UX Ladies. 


I also love my dog Lana, spicy food, circus arts, and I've been obsessing over home design as I renovate my house.

Want to know more?  Connect with me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email.

My Work

Over the past 14 years in my experience as a UX Designer, I have created a variety of wireframes, mockups, usability studies, and projects done just for fun.  These are just a few examples, with more added on a regular basis!


See my Portfolio for full writeups.

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